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Stromberg teardrop pattern closeup
  • Stromberg teardrop pattern closeup
  • Stromberg teardrop pattern closeup
  • Stromberg teardrop pattern closeup
  • Stromberg I-Series Storage Rack
  • Teardrop pattern closeup
  • Stromberg racks interchange with these common rack types

I-Series Storage Rack Beams

Manufacturer: Stromberg

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This rack is designed to interchange with most of the teardrop designs on the market today. Constructed of high grade steel with 2" vertical adjustment step beam design.  Accommodates crossbars, wood stringers or wire decking. Removable safety load clips are attached to each end of the beam. 

Stromberg I Series Storage Rack Horizontal Beams offer:

  • Teardrop design is the most commonly manufactured rack in the United States.
  • Adjusts on 2" centers.
  • 5" x 7" x 3/8" seismic plates are standard.
  • We build and design racking systems to your operation.
  • Custom height or depth frames are available.
  • Reinforced struts, columns, column guards, set back frame designs, etc.
  • Quick shipment available on the most common sizes.
  • Note: Upright frame capacities are based on 42" maximum vertical beam spacing.

How to Select Pallet Rack

1. Frame Capacity
Add total weight of all pallets for each bay (exclude pallets on floor).

2. Height
Measure all verticals including height of pallet, pallet load and beam height, add 4" clearance between top of load and bottom of beam above. Top beam should be a minimum of 6" less than maximum lifting height of your forklift.

3. Depth
Pallet should overhang frame by 3" front and back (48" pallet, use 42" deep frame). Deduct 6" from pallet depth. Pallets need to be in good condition.

4. Width
Measure width of pallet, add a minimum of 3" pallet-to-frame clearance and 4" between pallets to determine correct beam length. Each pair of beams must support weight of pallets per level. Add-on sections require only one additional frame and required number of beams.

To build a complete racking system click on the links below:
I Series Storage Rack Beams 
Row Spacers 
Column/Post Protector
Steel Safety Supports 

We address your needs, not just sell you a pile of steel.

If you need a large quantity of this product, call us at 1-800-338-1382 for additional bulk discounts!

24 Products Available for I-Series Storage Rack Beams

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Model No.DescriptionDimensionsCapacity Weight Per PairWeightPrice Ea.Qty
IB200048Horizontal Beam2" H x 48" L1400 lbs.7 lbs. $10.55
IB200072Horizontal Beam2" H x 72" L1200 lbs.10 lbs. $13.53
IB200096Horizontal Beam2" H x 96" L1000 lbs.13 lbs. $18.18
IB300036Horizontal Beam3" H x 36" L6500 lbs.9 lbs. $11.62
IB300048Horizontal Beam3" H x 48" L5550 lbs.11.5 lbs. $13.43
IB300060Horizontal Beam3" H x 60" L4400 lbs.14 lbs. $15.25
IB300072Horizontal Beam3" H x 72" L3700 lbs.16 lbs. $17.07
IB300096Horizontal Beam3" H x 96" L2250 lbs.21 lbs. $21.72
IB300108Horizontal Beam3" H x 108" L1750 lbs.23 lbs. $26.77
IB400096Horizontal Beam4" H x 96" L4200 lbs.24 lbs. $23.43
IB400108Horizontal Beam4" H x 108" L3400 lbs.25 lbs. $28.28
IB400120Horizontal Beam4" H x 120" L2700 lbs.28 lbs. $30.10
IB450096Horizontal Beam4.5" H x 96" L5100 lbs.25 lbs. $26.87
IB450144Horizontal Beam4.5" H x 144" L2500 lbs.36 lbs. $36.76
IB500096Horizontal Beam5" H x 96" L6000 lbs.28 lbs. $30.30
IB500108Horizontal Beam5" H x 108" L7300 lbs.38 lbs. $33.84
IB502108Horizontal Beam5" H x 108" L6350 lbs.29 lbs. $29.09
IB500120Horizontal Beam5" H x 120" L6900 lbs.42 lbs. $38.28
IB500144Horizontal Beam5" H x 144" L5000 lbs.50 lbs. $47.47
IB600096Horizontal Beam6" H x 96" L10500 lbs.39 lbs. $35.60
IB600108Horizontal Beam6" H x 108" L9500 lbs.44 lbs. $44.95
IB600120Horizontal Beam6" H x 120" L8800 lbs.49 lbs. $50.00
IB600144Horizontal Beam6" H x 144" L7000 lbs.66 lbs. $55.05
IB800168Horizontal Beam8" H x 168" L8000 lbs.85 lbs. $76.26
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