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Stromberg Particle Board Decking


Manufacturer: Stromberg

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Particle board decking, 5⁄8" (.625) thick, is available pre-cut from Borroughs or it can be obtained direct from your local building supplier. Other types and thicknesses of decking material, such as plywood, structure wood, oriented strand board, and wire decking may be desired based upon load or use. these also can be obtained locally.

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Model No.W x DWeightNet
Price Ea.
PB361236" W x 12" D7.5 lbs. $1.69
PB361836" W x 18" D11.3 lbs. $2.58
PB362436" W x 24" D15 lbs. $3.38
PB421542" W x 15" D11.4 lbs. $2.53
PB423042" W x 30" D21.9 lbs. $4.90
PB481248" W x 12" D10 lbs. $2.27
PB481848" W x 18" D15 lbs. $3.38
PB482448" W x 24" D20 lbs. $4.49
PB483648" W x 36" D30 lbs. $6.67
PB484848" W x 48" D40 lbs. $8.99
PB602460" W x 24" D30 lbs. $5.66
PB603060" W x 30" D31 lbs. $7.02
PB603660" W x 36" D37.5 lbs. $8.43
PB604860" W x 48" D50 lbs. $11.26
PB691569" W x 15" D15 lbs. $4.24
PB693069" W x 30" D30 lbs. $8.43
PB721872" W x 18" D22.5 lbs. $5.05
PB722472" W x 24" D30 lbs. $6.67
PB723072" W x 30" D37.5 lbs. $8.43
PB723672" W x 36" D45 lbs. $10.10
PB724872" W x 48" D60 lbs. $13.48
PB961296" W x 12" D20 lbs. $4.49
PB961896" W x 18" D36 lbs. $6.67
PB962496" W x 24" D40 lbs. $8.99
PB963096" W x 30" D44 lbs. $11.26
PB963696" W x 36" D60 lbs. $13.48
PB964896" W x 48" D80 lbs. $17.93
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